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Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Overview

Ngong Ping 360 Ltd is a subsidiary company of the MTR Corporation and regulates the operation of Ngong Ping cable car between the downtowns of Ngong Ping and Tung Chung. It provides the service of bicable gondola lift on Lantau Island and has been installed solely for the imperative of improving tourism. There are two stations, 109 cabins with a capacity of carrying 17 people at Ngong cable car which transport upto 3500 passengers per hour either way. The cable car operates 34 metres up in the air over a length of 5.7 kilometres taking almost 24 minutes.

During the half hour ride passengers pass through several eye-catching attractions like the 34 metre tall bronze statue of Buddha, a large tract of wooden carvings arranged in the manner of words from the verse of the Heart Sutra and the iconic Po Lin Monastery. Other destinations that you can discover are Ngong Ping village which is a wholesome destination for entertainment, food, shopping and photo spots. For hiking lovers there are several hike trails they can follow to travel across Ngong Ping and deeply enjoy its mesmerising landscape. While going for the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride you can choose from different options like standard cabin, crystal cabin and private cabin.

Types of Cable Car at Ngong Ping 360

A ride at Ngong Ping 360 cable car is the most fascinating way to start a journey at Ngong Ping 360 as you get to enjoy an eagle eye view of Lantau Island from a height of 34 metres. It would let you appreciate the beauty of the island much more when you explore its roads. Ngong Ping 360 cable car is a transportation medium that connects the downtowns of Tung Chung and Ngong Ping located on the opposite ends of Lantau island. The ride begins at Tung Chung, passes through Tung Chung Bay, later reaches at North Lantau and finally greets you at the rolling grassland slopes of north Lantau Country Park. Other highlights of the cable ride are the Big Buddha and the 360 degree view of Ngong Ping Plateau.

Standard Car

Get your seat in Standard Cabin of Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car and take a ride 34 metres up in the air. While taking the 5,700 metres long ride, enjoy the scenic beauty of the city and make your day in Hong Kong more memorable. The itinerary of Standard Cabin tickets would include a one-way-cable car ticket from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping 360, a one-day Lantao bus ticket along with other things. You would pass over the site of Lantau during your ride and from the sky you’d enjoy its nature and native ecology while passing over its beautiful seaside.

Crystal Car

The Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car ride becomes even more interesting when you get a seat reserved in the Crystal cabin which has a glass bottom. Inside the cabin you’d feel like flying over the vast and beautiful landscape of Lantau island and add an exciting experience in your discovery list of Hong Kong. From a height of 34 metres in air, you’d have a bird's eye view of the boundless sea, lush green mountains and a beautiful skyline. Alongside the one-way-pass for the cable ride you’d also get tickets for a bus ride from Lanatu to Ngong Ping.

Private Car

The exclusive service of Private Cabin is one of the most sought after services at Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. It’s so because you get to enjoy a private space up in the air which you can utilise fully while having fun with your family. Alongwith the private space you’d also enjoy a hassle free queueless ticketing service and a priority based boarding thus, making the trip convenient. After your arrival at the terminal, get your pictures clicked at the Photos Centre to collect memories of the day as well as choose from standard or crystal cabins for your roundtrip cable car ride. On booking a Private Cabin, you also enjoy a complimentary entry into the “Walking with Buddha” attraction.

Places to Visit Near Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

While you enjoy a cable car ride at Ngong Ping 360, there are various spots you’d notice during the 25 minutes long ride. Some of the historical landmarks that could be easily noticed are Tian Tan Buddha, you can easily spot it due to its sheer size. The Po Lin Monastery can be easily identified with its large hut, both the attractions of the monastery and Tian Tan Buddha are a few minutes walk away from the exit of Tung Chung MTR station. If you notice some words like installations using wooden carvings then be assured that it’s Wisdom Path. You can explore several explorations at the Ngong Ping Village and Ngong Ping Piazza

Tian Tan Buddha

It’s a 34 metre tall bronze statue of Buddha and clearly visible from cable car. It was made in 1993 near the Po Lin Monastery as a symbol of harmonious relationships between man and nature, people and faith. You can reach the Buddha from the Tung Chung cable car by taking an exit at Terminal B of Tung Chung MTR station. The statue is located aprox. 10 minutes walk away from the village. There is a long staircase that needs to be followed in order to finally reach the top to the statue.

Po Lin Monastery

It’s a 1906 founded buddhist monastery situated in the small village of Ngong Ping of Lantau island, Hong Kong. The monastery has numerous religious scriptures and three bronze statues of Buddha that represent his past, present and future lives. The route to reach the monastery is similar to that of the Tian Tan Budhha. Most people love to visit the monastery for its magnificent architectural structures like the Main Shrine Hall of Buddha and the Hall of Bodhisattva Skanda.

Wisdom Path

From your cabin in the cable car you would be able to spot the wisdom path which is basically a wooden carving located on the foot of Lantau Peak. It’s a large-scale outdoor landscaped calligraphic installation of the verse from the Heart Sutra. The path is located 20 minutes walk away from the Ngong Ping Piazza where you’d reach in a short while after exiting the terminal B of Tung Chung MTR station. The mind behind the beautiful amalgamation of art and philosophy is of renowned sinologist professor Jao Tsung-I.

Ngong Ping Village

The scenic Ngong Ping village is the latest attraction added to the glory of Ngong Ping which is located on the western part of Lantau Island. After visiting numerous important sightseeing locations like Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha you can finally take some rest at the village. There are various entertainment activities like Cable Car discovery centre, Motion 360, Walking with Buddha and others. You can enjoy snacks, food and beverages at the different cafes, hotels,etc. And, finally can go shopping to get yourself some souvenirs and get tons of pictures clicked at the photo spots.

Ngong Ping Piazza

It is another attraction in Ngong Ping that should not be missed at all because here you’d enjoy the best of Lantau landscape views. The Piazza has four major sections which are Pai Lau, Di Tan, Bodhi Pathi and a Chinese landscaped garden. You can explore the natural beauty of the Piazza best with an eagle eye view by sitting in the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. There are several traditional structures in its close vicinity as well as many trails like Nei LakShan Country Trail, Lantau Trail and Ngong ping Trail.

Nei Lak Shan Country Trail

The trail is a fascinating attraction for the hikers and it begins at the Piazza. It is a 5 km long trail which is considered the best one for beginners. The trail would take you through the steep tracks which are surrounded by the scenic mountains of the East Mountain Teaching arch and finally conclude at the Ngong Ping 360 cable car station. If you wish to explore more, continue the trail up to Sunset Peak, where you notice silver grass and it turns golden in the presence of sunlight.

Know Before You Go to Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

  • Location: Lantau Island, Hong Kong
  • Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM ( Monday to Friday) and 9 AM to 6:30 PM ( Saturday and Sunday)
  • How to Reach:- By Taxi- Ngong Ping 360 is nearest to the Hong Kong International Airport, the taxi would take only 10 minutes to reach. You need to board a blue Lantau taxi to reach Tung Chung Cable Car Station which is located at Ngong Ping 360.- By Bus- The nearest bus station to Ngong Ping 360 is Tung Chung Bus Stop and it’s located near Tung Chung Cable Car Station. There are four buses that run from the airport to the destination which are S1, S56, S64 and S64 X.
  • Best Time To Visit: It would be recommended to make a visit during the months of April, September and October when the temperature is most conducive and welcomes a range of tourists. You must visit Ngong Ping 360 in the morning hours to avoid crowds and enjoy the place without any hassle. In the mornings the ambience of the place is very pleasing as well as it’s easier to acquire the cable car tickets during those hours.

Shopping Places Near Ngong Ping 360

  • Vintage Maze: The shop has been functional since 2014 and is famous for the various vintage items it offers. At the shop you’d find vintage clothing, toys, home decor pieces, various items, accessories and other things. You would find the shop in Ngong Ping Village.
  • Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal Shop: At this terminal souvenir shop you’d be able to get yourself some exciting selection of items that would remind of the good memories you had had at Ngong Ping 360. The shop is 5 minutes walk away from Exit B of MTR Tung CHung station.
  • Hong Kong Love Souvenir Shop: At this iconic shop you would be able to get yourself the most nostalgic Hong Kong designs like that of iconic red-white blue stripes, Master Q, etc.
  • China Art Window Ltd.: Buy some of the rare designs of chinese art pieces and appreciate some rare antiques such as large artistic wooden buddhist sculptures. Here, you would find pieces that resemble the style from Tang and Song dynasties. Amongst other souvenir pieces that would attract your attention are ancient jades, bronze wares, gold wares, ceramic China Art Window and other such intricate artefacts.

Dinning Places Near Ngong Ping 360

  • Zaks- Enjoy the best splendid sea views as you’re served the best dining items at the fresco dining area. Insides of the hotel are as aesthetic as the exterior sea-side for it’s decorated with wooden benches, love seats, sun chairs and family areas. The hotel gives a vibe of the traditional era of Hong Kong.
  • Koh Tomyums- Enter into Koh Tomyums which has distinctive Thai architecture and eye pleasing panoramic scenery around. Here, you find the best thai and other local cusines that are prepared with the perfect blend of local herbs and spices. You would be able to locate the restaurant behind the Discovery Bay’s D Deck zone. The most special food items that you shouldn’t miss at all are its fresh seafood.
  • Caramba Mexican Cantina- You would find this dining place due to its sun-washed colured casual ambience. The hotel keeps its vibe lively and energetic with music and natural wooden sitting area. The speciality of the hotel is its unique drink which is served with Mexican food.
  • Midam Korean Restaurant- As you enter the venue of the hotel you’ll fall in love with its tall ceilings that let sunlight peep in through the window. The ambience makes it perfect to enjoy an array of authentic Korean servings like Kimchi Wraps, Ginseng and Chicken soup. The remarkable hotel is located in Ngong Ping village.
  • Po Lin Monastery- It’s the perfect place where you’d enjoy a blend of traditional architecture and sculptural arts while having your vegetarian delicacies. The eatery is located in the monastery’s premises therefore you’d even witness buddhist culture here. You must try its soup, vegetables, rice and other deep-fried delicacies. You might also find noodles, sweets, pastries and other such savouries.
  • Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant- It’s the perfect place to enjoy some local cuisines popular amongst Latanu natives. The aroma filled steam cooked rice served with a lotus leaf wrapped around would make you fall in love with the food. Other famous servings of the hotel are rice cooked in bamboo steamer, baked seafood pumpkin, cuttlefish patties and charcoal roasted goose

Tips to Visit Ngong Ping 360

  • Keep a valid I'd card along as you might require it to present while booking tickets for the cable car ride.
  • It’s easy to reach Ngong Ping 360, you just need to follow the signs around after reaching
  • Tung Chung MTR station which is the starting point of the cable car.
  • To keep your trip convenient and hassle free, book the tickets online.
  • Try to make your way to the cable car terminal in the early hours, so that you can acquire tickets easily as well as enough time at hand to spend in Ngong Ping.
  • Dress yourself in comfortable clothes and footwear as you would require to walk a lot in Ngong Ping. There are at least 268 steps to walk to the top of the Tian Tan Buddha.
  • Try to save time as much as possible in different attractions in order to explore more.

FAQs for Ngong Ping 360

Why do we call Ngong Ping 360 as NP360?

Ngong Ping 360 is a subsidiary of the MTR Corporation and operates in the Ngong Ping Cable Car and Ngong Ping Village. The cabins of the cable car have transparent walls which allows the visitors to take a 360 degree view of the scenic beauty of the village. Because the cable cars let you enjoy the stunning views from a 360 degree angle it’s called Ngong Ping 360.

Is there any hotel near Ngong ping 360?

Yes, there are several hotels located near Ngong Ping 360. There is Regal Airport Hotel which is well-equipped with stylish rooms and state-of-art technology and Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott hotel which has been recognised as the award-winning hotel situated on Lantau island. Disney’s themed hotel called Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is another luxurious destination situated on the island, you’d also find Silvermine Bay Hotel which is 5 minutes away from the Mui Wo Ferry Terminal.

What are the entertainment activities at Ngong Ping village?

Ngong Ping village is full of entertainment like at Cable Car Discovery Centre you find various galleries and experience zones, showcase of cable car components and a photo area. At Walking with Buddha sit back in the movie hall to enjoy the story of Siddhartha who later on became Buddha. Other attractions that you can enjoy are Motion 360 and spend some at the Art of Chocolate Hong Kong.

Are there any photo spots at Ngong Ping 360?

Yes, there are numerous photo spots at Ngong Ping 360 like Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, you can click several photos while boarding the cabin. Another famous photo spot is called Blessing Drums which is the famous destination quite renowned for making wishes true. You would find the most pleasing aesthetics at Stupa Square and Bodhi tree where you can capture your spiritual moments.

How to reach Ngong Ping 360?

  • By Taxi- Ngong Ping 360 is nearest to the Hong Kong International Airport, the taxi would take only 10 minutes to reach. You need to board a blue Lantau taxi to reach Tung Chung Cable Car Station which is located at Ngong Ping 360.
  • By Bus- The nearest bus station to Ngong Ping 360 is Tung Chung Bus Stop and it’s located near Tung Chung Cable Car Station. There are four buses that run from the airport to the destination which are S1, S56, S64 and S64 X.

How long is the Ngong Ping cable car journey?

The Ngong Ping Cable car journey is 5.7 km long that connects the towns of Ngong Ping and Tung Chung.

How many people can a Ngong Ping 360 cabin carry?

A single cabin of Ngong Ping 360 can carry upto 17 individuals at a time.

What are Ngong Ping 360 opening hours?

Visitors can take a cable car ride at Ngong Ping 360 between 10 AM to 6 PM during Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 6:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Is the Ngong Ping 360 Cable car safe?

Yes, the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars are reliable and safe as it uses bi-cable ropeway that ensures double safety and is first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong.


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